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PHG Fitting Kit
Kevin Porter
Best Golf Training Aid!

Long time instructor and long drive coach. This is by far the best training aid I’ve ever used. Absolutely amazing results.

Not yet

Getting over the flu


I emailed originally to see if I could exchange my glove from my original purchase and after several days I never received a response. Then on a what Saturday evening I received a phone call from the CEO and owner of the company . I was caught off guard and thought that was very over and beyond for an owner of a company to reach out to his customer and admit my email fell through the cracks, so I was very impressed that he was calling me personally. He talked with me for a long while and took the time for me to measure my hand so he could get the right product for me. He told me how to use and download the instructional video for the glove. I was very impressed for his professionalism. so far so good!

PHG Carry Cases
Jana Shipley
Great Company Great Product

Customer service reps are fabulous and so eager to help.

Great Customer Service. Great Product. Now it's down to me.

The customer service is amazing and the product definitely helps. It works best if it doesn't just sit on your counter and you actually use it, which is the biggest challenge for me.

Adam Petrocelli @makesputts
I call it “Magic Hands”

This product designed very nicely, and can withstand some serious tension. I enjoy swinging with it, just be sure you are using it with intent and know whether you want to fix and over-the-top move or cure your inside swing path issues—because this product will do the trick. Super cool training aid, worth every penny and more.

PHG 2.0 Belts
Eddy Martin
Constant Learning

You can repeat the same swing for a long step


Perfect Hands provides a great workout. It is a challenge which indicates I need it! Is helping my swing plane and power.

I absolutely love the Perfect Hands golf training system. It has a lot of benefits including gaining distance and it increases accuracy! Also it’s for all ages, which I love. I’m so excited to keep using the product and see my end results.

Muscle memory

The device keeps your arms and hands in the correct path and when you don't wear it, the muscle memory kicks in. Great device and unique concept along with simplicity.

It’s too soon to tell

Perks of Having Perfect Hands

Overall, this training aid surprised me! After doing the recommended amount of swings (eventually working your way to 50) I could feel a major difference in the swing plane feel when just swinging the club alone. Then going to the golf course I found myself centering with driver, hitting more consistent irons and feeling a better golf swing all together. Highly satisfied with results so far. My tendency is for an over the top motion - but it leads to a push, draw - I’ve used the right ring loop in training and truly feel a change!

Excellent product

This is one of the best golf training aids I’ve used. It gets your hands and body in the right position to create a more powerful accurate swing. I’ve used it for two weeks and have broken par in all 5 rounds I’ve played since using it.

My review

Great product. I gain distance ( a lot) with long and mid irons and I rarely miss it right. I gain 6 strokes after the 4 week using it and I am just in the 20 lb rope . I’m also now changing to a more neutral grip . Excellent product. Congrats

I use the perfect hands system to warm up my back swing to ensure I am taking a full back swing and gain strength while warming up. The system is designed very well as it fits perfectly to the glove and band around my waist.

Best strength and form trainer

I have been using your training system for quite awhile with my golf coach and was very surprised when mine was delivered to the house. Best trainer out there!

PHG Carry Cases
Tami Bealert
Perfect Hands Carry Case

Great product. Provides easy-to-use storeage and light weight that includes my belt, glove and bands.

Excellent product.
Excellent customer services

I really liked this great training device , however th glove started tearing after a few times of use. I think it was a bit too small and I need larger than I thought for this equipment. Overall I love the device. .


So far I like it. I had to make some adjustments due to my long arms. It was a little too snug on the recommended hook on the back. I will probably work my way back to the original recommendation as I get stronger. I also may need to order a larger glove but this one is working for now.
It is a great product and I will recommend it to my friends.

Great customer service!

I received the wrong weight straps they were too short but they sent me the correct ones quickly and were very easy to deal with!

Hi Brooks,

Thank you for your review as we appreciate it and thank you for taking the time to speak with us about this. As we discussed, we are sorry to hear that your 10lbs band broke, as it should not have.

We have two different length bands based on how tall you are. The reason for this is because the length of your arm and the length of the band will determine where you connect the band to the belt at point of address. With other customers that the band has come apart/broke, we have found that this can happen for a few different of reasons:

1. The band was left in the heat for too long causing the rubber to expand. When this occurs, the rubber eventually will begin to separate, and it becomes weak and unable to support the tension when training.

2. The band accidentally received a small cut somehow, whether that be during transit, or from rubbing up against something. When this occurs, there is typically a 'Clean Break' in the band itself during training.

3. During setup, the tension on the band was too tight at point of address, causing there to be too much tension on the band than it is designed to support. Because of this, the plastic zip tie that connects the band to the metal clip is unable to properly maintain its ability to stay connected, causing it to come apart or break. This is why it is very important that you follow our 'Initial Setup Guides' as instructed to make sure that this does not occur.

4. Lastly, and what has happened with you, our fulfillment center accidentally sent the shorter band to you instead of the longer band, causing the same issue as explained in #3 above.

Regardless of the reason why it came apart/broke, we will contact the customer so we can understand what happened. This not only allows us to keep track of the reason so we are able to communicate it back to our manufacturer, but it also allows us to explain WHY it happened to the customer so they too can understand what happened. In your case, we were quickly able to determine that you accidentally received the wrong length band, and we have already mailed you the 4 correct length bands that you will be receiving shortly.

Again, thank you for bringing this to our attention so we can have an opportunity to rectify the issue. High quality customer service is very important to us, and we will continue to do everything in our power to make sure that our customers ALWAYS have a wonderful experience with PHG from the very beginning. We look forward to you receiving the correct length bands and continuing your training with PHG.

Ordered 1 glove!!

Opened the box,that only took a few days to get here!!And there was the glove I ordered,also there was the same size glove for the other hand,no charge! I'm just getting up to a full swing since i'm recovering from a double bypass. I feel how this keeps my swing on the plane and speeds my swing up already!! Looking forward to starting to use this product every day! Also like to try the free 30 day work out trial,but can't get it to open,If anyone could assist,it would be appreciated!! Thanks Marc

Swing position

When using PHG, I can feel that my golf swing is staying in correct the correct positions going back, coming down and then the finish.
I have had positive results for the short time I have used PHG.
I recommend trying it out for any golfer at any level of the game!

PHG Works!

Been using it for a week now and can definitely see results. Helps groove the feeling of an on-plane swing giving more consistent and powerful contact.

I wasn't sure about it but I am glad I gave it a try.

I wasn't sure about it but I am glad I gave it a try. It is a good add on to my practice.