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Best training aid I’ve used

I saw this training aid pop up on YouTube and the again on Facebook. I struggle with a slice and sometimes a hook as well. This training is making me improve club path while also creating great muscle memory. Great product and I will continue to use this as long as I play golf.

Exceptional Training Aid for Any Golfer

From the moment I unboxed the system, it was evident that a lot of thought and expertise went into its design. The materials are top-notch, durable, and built to last, which is essential for any training aid that's going to see a lot of use.

Swing Improvement
The system has been instrumental in improving my swing mechanics. I've noticed a significant difference in my swing speed and ball striking, which has translated to more distance and accuracy on the course.

Strength Training
What sets this system apart is its dual focus on swing and strength training. The resistance bands are adjustable and offer a great workout, targeting the specific muscles used in golf. It's like having a personal trainer and swing coach rolled into one!

The instructions were clear, and setting up was a breeze. I also appreciate the accompanying app, which offers valuable tips and exercises to get the most out of the system.

Customer Service
The customer service at Perfect Hands Golf deserves a special mention. They were prompt, courteous, and went above and beyond to ensure I was satisfied with my purchase.

Great product!!

I’m going at this training using slow swings to ingrain my muscle memory. And then use your workout program also. Swinging at over speed all the time seems to keep my bad habits. Really like the belt and the construction of the PHG is excellent!

Great quality training aid

Been using the PHG system for a few weeks now and it’s been great. Helps keep the swing where it needs to be and allows me to keep practicing in a practical way despite an injury which rules out other aids.
Thoroughly recommend.

Fastest and easiest way to increase speed I’ve ever seen

As an instructor trying out this product with a couple students I immediately saw there swing speed increase after just 5-10 minutes of use which was astounding. I think it’s a fantastic way to warm up because it only takes a couple swings before your ready for the driver. Very versatile on drills you can use it for as well. Highly recommend especially if you have a tight back since the waist band uses your kinetic energy to loosen your lower back. Can’t wait to see how much faster my students will swing after a month of using it!

Finding my swing

As I have been using the "Perfect Hands Golf" system for 2 weeks, my swing has become faster, more on track, and my slice has diminished. The ball is going straighter and longer then ever and I can't wait to see what happens by the time I reach the 40lb band.

PHG Glove
Steve B
Speed up and direction improved

Just got the device a week ago and am up to 35 swings with the 10 lb cord. Swing speed went from low to mid 90s to over 100 today. Highest recorded was 102, and I feel like i am just getting started with this training aid. Also, the aim and trajectories were perfectly straight or had a slight draw. Looking forward to where this will take my game.

Perfect Hands Traing Method

Great golf training device that does what the company says it will do.
Only a few minutes of training each day and I have already increased my club headspead by a few miles per hour. Cannot wait to see the results after a month’s training. This is an inexpensive and simple to use training device.

Best Golf Aid Ever

Got to me fast and already putting it to work! Couldn’t be happier, great quality!

Customer le

Haven’t had time to use products yet. Just received it 2 days ago. Customer service is superb

10 mins and I already feel the difference

10 mins using this product and I could already feel the difference and purpose perfect hands golf. You should most definitely give it a try. I am a 15 handicap golfer.

Great Product For All Golfers

GREAT PRODUCT FOR ALL GOLFERS- 5 STARS—I recently purchased this for my 9 yr old daughter who plays competitive golf and myself an average golfer, as it looked to check off a lot of game improvement boxes for us both. I had been looking at numerous training aides and even bought a few but it seemed almost all training aids focus on just a single area and with my daughter being a junior golfer most training aids are built for adults and/or adult clubs. We both need to work on a combination of: Speed, Consistency, Flexibility and Accuracy along with something she could use too as a junior golfer. I am in my mid 30’s, but don’t play as near as much as I used too. I really lacked like most of us golfers, the consistent shots and for me the flexibility week in and week out. When I came across this product it showed that it could not only help with my speed and flexibility but work with a junior as wellI started doing about 20-30 swings a day with one of the lower resistance bands. Upon gaining more flexibility, I increased to a higher pound resistance band to increase my speed ---- which saying it has increased is an understatement, my speed has greatly increased as well as my accuracy! I will say that I have had to make club choice adjustments out on the course due since each club not only is straighter but much further. I also do about 10-15 swings at the course prior to my round to really get my muscles and body stretched, rather than tackling the range prior to feel like I am hitting just to hit; plus most ranges use those mats now which I find worthless, it’s much more convenient to put on the Perfect Hands, do around 20-30 swings with my own clubs which gives me more warm up time at the putting/ chipping green. My daughter started taking lessons at the age of 4, playing competitive golf since age 6, and is currently ranked as one of the top 9 year old’s in the World. My daughter is very petite for her age and with distance being a big part in her age group and me knowing a huge growth spurt wasn’t happening overnight, she would need to find more distance with club speed. And just like me, WOW! did she ever using this product! My daughter does around 30-40 swings a day starting with the 10lb resistance band and is now up to the 20lb band. She has been using the Perfect Hands product for around 2 months now and has already increased her club speed almost over 10mph, resulting in much much greater distance and even building further on her already strong consistent accuracy. My daughter will do her Perfect Hands swing during the week and then on the weekends we go to a local indoor simulator place so she can see how much her club/ ball speed and distance have all increased week over week, it is a game changer when she really gets to see her weekly progress, which really makes the game that much more exciting for her. Overall, both my daughter and I are extremely satisfied! (say goodbye to the Orange Whip). From our experience the Perfect Hands is easy to use, effective, good quality and has well proven its worth. The product is made of high-quality materials from the glove, resistance bands and belt, not plastic materials like most aids which is nice especially when doing full swings with resistance. Even my buddies are in shock with their club speed when they do a normal swing from doing 20 Perfect Hand swings. I 100% would buy again and recommend to any weekend warrior to competitive golfer.

Great Communication

Great communication

Has my ball staying in the fairway!

I came across this product at the recent PGA Golf Conference in Orlando and love the practicability of it. It was demo and I immediately felt how it could help my swing after a few minutes with it. My back issue doesn't allow for a full swing. I purchased it and came home and been practicing with it almost daily. My flexibility has improved but more importantly my swing has the ball staying in the fairway consistently. I'm on a mission to lower my handicap this year and with Perfect Hands I'm on my way. I highly recommend this produce. Thanks!

Great 👍🏻

Great 👍🏻

Well done in purchase

well done

I now use it before every round

I met Mario and learned about this product at demo day at the PGA show. Warmed up with it before my round since there was no warm up area at OCC during demo day. Hit it to 6 feet on hole 1 and made an albatross on hole two. Needless to say I purchased one right away and now use it before every round to gain width in my swing. I’m looking forward to teaching my students with it this season!

I think it will improve my golfing ability

Sally Krystyn, pro at Brooke Ridge, who is helping me with this. I think it will improve my golfing ability. But I also I have a lot to learn on how to use it properly.

Have seen significant increases to distance

The Perfect Hands system has allowed our High School Golf Team the ability to train like never before! They love training with them and have seen a significant increases to their swing distances and accuracy.

PHG actually does what it says it will do

Hi PHG, My name is Isaiah Logue, and I am the Assistant Golf Coach of the Men's and Women's Teams at Keiser University. For those that know me, I'm not one to quickly embrace teachers of the golf swing or even training aids. The Creator of our world has given me a natural ability to play this game and to play it well, and I thank Him for that. In past years I have found myself in the winner's circle as a junior, amateur, and professional golfer...WITHOUT the help of teachers or training aids. Through varying circumstances in life, I sadly lost my golf swing. In a desperate attempt to regain what's been lost I began purchasing training aids that promised gains in distance, tempo, and better ball striking. I fell for it harder than a teenager falls for his first girlfriend...ouch! You might as well write "sucker" on my forehead because none of those training aids worked as promised. They forced me into inconsistent and non-repeatable positions. The more I practiced with them, the worse things felt. After years of frustration, I finally gave in and began seeing teaching professionals in my area. They helped me understand more of what was happening in my swing, but most teachers struggle to incorporate teachings that properly connect mind and body. That's when I discovered Perfect Hands Golf (PHG). PHG actually does what it says it will do, to the letter! It helps you swing it on plane, immediately increases power output, and best of all it improves ball striking. In my first session I saw carry distance increases of 20+ yards and improved clubhead speed of at least 10 MPH (verified by GCQuad) just in the first 5 swings! After a couple weeks of use, my swing has never felt or looked better. Like I said before, I'm not one to endorse a training aid or teachers. However, this training aid deserves all the endorsements it can get. It does what it says it will and is perfect for golfers of all skill levels! Best, Isaiah Logue

Thank you for a great product

Since Tristan has been using your product his swing has gotten better and faster. He went from 160-180 Total distance to an average of 190-220 depending on weather conditions. His coach noticed his swing change. Which is great. Thank you for a great product. This one has worked for him in a way no other swing trainer has. Also, he’s competing better and getting podium finishes. His last 12 tournaments - (2) Wins, (3) T-1, (3) 2nd, (2) 3rd.

This product is more than what you would expect!

It not only allows to retrain your swing, it also help create the muscle memory on your hips. I’ been using it and I stopped slicing my driver, can get warmed up faster and better and my swing repetitions are more consistent. Thank you Brian.

Shopping experience was very user friendly.

Shopping experience was very user friendly.

Very easy to checkout

Very easy to checkout

PHG Junior Teaching Kit
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PHG Junior Teaching Kit