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Glove Sizing - Please Confirm Your Size Prior To Ordering

**Please Note - Our gloves run slightly tighter. If you are stuck between sizes, we recommend ordering a size larger. The circumference around your hand is the MOST important measurement with our glove, please be sure to double check your size.

Gloves are 30% Cabretta, 30% Faux Leather, 10% Lycra, 10% Polyester, 20% Steel


Sizes below:

  • Juniors (XS, S, M, L, XL)
  • Women's (XS, S, M, L, XL)
  • Men's Regular (XS, S, M, M/L, L, XL, XXL)
  • Men's Cadet (XS, S, M, M/L, L, XL, XXL)

*Actual composition of the materials may vary in different sizes.

*Actual dimension of the gloves ma be subject to batch variance.

The PHG Glove is a highly durable leather glove that creates a perfect hand position when striking the ball by keeping you on-plane throughout your swing. The three separate connection rings are designed to either correct a hook (pinky) or slice (pointer finger) and if neither of those are an issue, the middle connection ring is for you. Once you are consistently on-plane, you will be solely focusing on building strength specific to your golf swing, leading to increased range of motion in your backswing which will result in greater acceleration in your club head speed throughout your swing.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tim Evans

I emailed originally to see if I could exchange my glove from my original purchase and after several days I never received a response. Then on a what Saturday evening I received a phone call from the CEO and owner of the company . I was caught off guard and thought that was very over and beyond for an owner of a company to reach out to his customer and admit my email fell through the cracks, so I was very impressed that he was calling me personally. He talked with me for a long while and took the time for me to measure my hand so he could get the right product for me. He told me how to use and download the instructional video for the glove. I was very impressed for his professionalism. so far so good!

Marc Lochner
Ordered 1 glove!!

Opened the box,that only took a few days to get here!!And there was the glove I ordered,also there was the same size glove for the other hand,no charge! I'm just getting up to a full swing since i'm recovering from a double bypass. I feel how this keeps my swing on the plane and speeds my swing up already!! Looking forward to starting to use this product every day! Also like to try the free 30 day work out trial,but can't get it to open,If anyone could assist,it would be appreciated!! Thanks Marc

Chad Peace
Excellent Customer Service

I received this for a Christmas gift. They ordered the wrong sized glove. I contacted Perfect Hands Golf via Facebook. They had them give me a few measurements and replaced my glove with the propper size in a short amount of time.

Steve B
Speed up and direction improved

Just got the device a week ago and am up to 35 swings with the 10 lb cord. Swing speed went from low to mid 90s to over 100 today. Highest recorded was 102, and I feel like i am just getting started with this training aid. Also, the aim and trajectories were perfectly straight or had a slight draw. Looking forward to where this will take my game.


Increase Accuracy

Perfect Hands Golf promotes muscle memory to make a consistent, on-plane swing resulting in a straighter ball-flight.

Gain Distance

By training with Perfect Hands Golf, you will increase strength & your range of motion to hit the ball further

Perfect For All Ages

Perfect Hands Golf is perfect for Juniors, Beginners, Ladies, Recreational & Competitive Golfers.

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