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Interested In Becoming A Wholesaler or Retailer?

If you're interested in becoming a Perfect Hands Golf Wholesaler or Retailer, please fill out the form below to apply. We will reach out with more information regarding bulk price discounts, order & fulfillment processing, and much more!

We look forward to speaking with you about our program and all of the associated benefits when working with us!

What are the benefits?

Special Pricing / Bulk Discounts

If you are approved to become a Perfect Hands Golf Wholesaler, you will gain access to special pricing based on order size.

Wholesale Portal Access

Once your account is approved, you will gain access to the Perfect Hands Golf Wholesale Portal where you can directly place orders.

Perfect Hands Golf Fitting Kit
  • We will equip all your locations with a Perfect Hands Golf Fitting Kit which will consist of 1 of every PHG Glove Size, 1 of every PHG Belt Size, and 1 of every 10lbs Acceleration Band Size so your team will be able to properly fit your customers that come into your stores to specifically purchase PHG.
  • By having your team conduct these fittings, this will minimize customers ordering the incorrect sizes and returning the product, while simultaneously provide your team with additional opportunities to discuss other products that your stores offer that might be beneficial to customers.
  • This will also provide your team with the opportunity to discuss PHG with customers that may already be there getting fitted for new clubs. I mean, if you’re going to invest in new clubs, you’re going to want to make sure your swing is fixed right?!!
No Inventory Needed!
  • Due to the vast number of SKUs and product variations Perfect Hands Golf offers, we understand that it will be extremely difficult for you to determine which sizes to order and keep in stock. Because of this, we have created a more efficient "electronic voucher-based system" that will allow you to purchase as many PHG Units as you would like without having to worry about tracking inventory or stocking them in your physical locations. Through doing so, you will be able to sell these individually unique “electronic vouchers” directly to your customers, and then your customers will subsequently redeem the purchase through the Perfect Hands Golf website. We will then fulfill and ship the order directly to the customers without them paying any additional fees for standard shipping.
  • You have the option to auto renew your order when your voucher inventory starts to get low.