Student Athlete Program

Interested In Our Perfect Hands Golf Student Athlete Program?

If you're interested in becoming a Perfect Hands Golf Student Athlete, please fill out the form below to apply. We will reach out with more information within 1-2 business days of receiving your submission.

We look forward to speaking with you about our program and all of the associated benefits when working with us!

What are the benefits?

Perfect Hands Golf Welcome Kit

Once approved as a Perfect Hands Golf Athlete, you will receive access to a New PHG Athlete Welcome Kit. This kit will include:

  • 1 Free Perfect Hands Golf System
  • 1 Free Perfect Hands Golf Shirt
  • 1 Free Perfect Hands Golf Hat

All of the above will be provided for you to wear during golf competitions, events, social media posts, etc. unless it directly presents a conflict of interest with a current & active sponsorship.

Designated Unique Discount Code

This will grant your network 20% off their entire purchase through our website, while also providing commission based on total number of sales made within each month.

Social Media Exposure

All Perfect Hands Golf Athletes are required to post on social media platforms and tag @perfecthandsgolf in every post featuring our product or provided gear.

We will re-post all of your Perfect Hands Golf related Social Media Posts, Interactions and/or activities to our followers to maximize both of our exposure online.

We require a minimum # of 1 Social Media Posts, Interactions, and/or Activities per week per platform encouraging your followers to purchase a Perfect Hands Golf unit using your unique Discount/Promo code.

Requirements & Education

As a Perfect Hands Golf Athlete, you will need to become highly knowledgable about our products and all the benefits they provide. Furthermore, you will convey this information to your network to grow our overall exposure.

Perfect Hands Golf Athletes will be required a minimum of 1 driven sale via their specific Discount/Promo code every month.