Juice Labz (JUICE) and Perfect Hands Golf (PHG) are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking strategic alliance. This dynamic partnership aims to empower golfers in unlocking their full potential by accelerating their development through the utilization of the unique and patented PHG system alongside Streak Performance.

Launched in 2023 by Juice Labz, Streak Performance is a fitness coaching platform that was designed by golfers for golfers.  Within the app, users can expect to improve their golf game with our unique training programs to increase distance – which is the #1 statistic shared by the top golfers in the world.  With this system, it is GUARANTEED to improve overtime by completing programs and “streaks”.  Additionally, you’ll have access to all the guides, workouts, recipes, and tools you need to improve your health and hit your fitness goals.

“With this partnership, PHG users will be able to experience programs specifically designed around the training aid." said Cody Kuykendall, Founding Member of Juice Labz. “It is a unique opportunity that allows us to grow with PHG through the development of new and innovative golf technology.”

“We are very excited to partner with Juice Labz,” stated Mario Karagianis, CEO of PHG. “This partnership will optimize the user experience for any golfer looking to take their game and their fitness to the next level. We truly believe that this opportunity will advance player development in a direction that makes reaching new heights in the game of golf more attainable for those looking to achieve it.”  

About Juice Labz

Juice Labz (JUICE) was originally founded in 2018 with the intention of providing sports nutrition supplements to enhance the gym experience.  In 2021, the company stopped selling supplements and focused its efforts on golf fitness.  “Since COVID, the game of golf was growing at a rapid pace and the recurring theme was distance but very few were talking about fitness,” said Cody.  “All I kept seeing were ‘golf coaches’ talking about some ‘secret’ drill to increase distance or the latest $600 driver to solve all their problems… I decided I wanted to change that.”  In 2023, Cody brought on longtime friend and engineering mentor, Corey Peregord to take Juice Labz to the next level and make its leap into the sports technology world – starting with the launch of Streak Performance.  Our vision is to make an impact on the sports world, starting with golf, and provide services that are simple and make sense.

About Perfect Hands Golf

Perfect Hands Golf (PHG) was founded in 2018 and is a revolutionary swing and strength system that enables a golfer to quickly develop increased accuracy and distance through Resistance Training by encouraging Muscle Memory to occur at an accelerated rate, resulting in a perfect, on-plane swing, every time. The path for perfection began when founder and CEO, Mario Karagianis grew tired and frustrated of spending countless dollars on lessons and training aids that led to little-to-no progress. The “Caddy Shack” slice and a lack of distance forged the pursuit of finding a perfect swing that was tailored to the individual. For more details on the unique and patented PHG system, visit www.perfecthandsgolf.com

For more information contact:  

Perfect Hands Golf (PHG):  info@perfecthandsgolf.com 

Juice Labz (JUICE):  Cody Kuykendall, cody@juicelabz.com